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abdullahmousa asked:
Hi Why Toshiro Mifune didn't be part of latest film of kurosawa like " Kagemusha" " Ran " ?

After the filming of Red Beard, Mifune and Kurosawa had a falling out, and never made another film together. It’s a bit of a mystery why it happened, but while the movie was being made, Mifune was required to wear his hair and beard grown out, so this limited his options as far as acting went, and because the film took a while to be made, he started running out of money. So, after it was done, he started doing a lot of films, some that were pretty subpar, especially by Kurosawa’s standards, and he started to work on some American productions as well. I’ve seen some people say this felt a bit like a betrayal to Kurosawa.

I’ve also read that the author of the book Red Beard thought Mifune’s portrayal was all wrong, and this was a source of contention too. But, I think perhaps it was because Kurosawa, as a director, was incredibly demanding on his actors. For example, during the scene in Throne of Blood, when Mifune’s character is being shot at by bowmen, Kurosawa insisted he actually be shot at. This surely brought out real fear in Mifune’s portrayal, but it’s a harsh method. I could definitely see their relationship being strained to a breaking point, and Mifune was at a point in his career where he was an icon. He didn’t need to work with Kurosawa if he didn’t feel it was worth it. 

It was only near the end of their lives that they seemed to be able to reconcile whatever their differences were, but unfortunately it was too late, and they would not get a chance to work together again.

There’s some good that came out of it though. If the breakup never happened, I think we might not have seen Mifune in some amazing roles, and perhaps we would not have seen Nakadai take over the lead roles for Kagemusha and Ran. 


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Samurai Rebellion - Masaki Kobayashi

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Do you know the movie where wife hires hitman to kill her husband because he got mad and killed her cat. not sure if its exactly a samurai film, tho.

Hmmm, sorry, no idea Mr. Doge.