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The theme song from Lady Snowblood, 'Shura no Hana' (Flower of Carnage) sung by the Lady herself, Meiko Kaji. Quentin Tarantino also used this track in Kill Bill.

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superrobotpilot asked:
What are your favorite film versions of Miyamoto Musashi? I've seen the Toshiro Mifune Samurai Trilogy and loved it, but there are tons out there I haven't seen.

I’ve only seen two versions myself to be honest. The Samurai Trilogy directed by Hiroshi Inagaki with Mifune, and Tomu Uchida’s five-part series Ultimate Samurai Miyamoto Mushashi starring Kinnosuke Nakamura.

Of the two, I’d have to say I prefer Ultimate Samurai. Mifune does a great job as Musashi, but I think Nakamura brings more to the character, and you really see him evolve over the course of the five films. Nakamura was a kabuki actor before he did films and television, and it’s always great watching him perform. I think the performances in general are better in Uchida’s version. Though I still need to read the novels both of the series are based on, from what I’ve heard Uchida’s version is also more true to the original story.

Both are great, but of the two I’ve seen, gotta go with Ultimate Samurai Miyamoto Musashi. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing some more posts featuring the films soon!

wavesaredancing asked:
I have a deep appreciation for your blog, not only is it stylish and captivating, it keeps alive the memories of so many great actors and actresses and the roles they were famous for. Thank you for your dedication.

Wow, thank you very much for saying so!

blackcinema15 asked:
What are your thoughts on the show Samurai Jack?

I love Samurai Jack, that show is brilliant. If you haven’t before, check out Ronin by Frank Miller. It’s kinda what Samurai Jack was based on (though I still prefer Jack personally, haha).

28gznaoz asked:
Have u seen The Bodyguard featuring Whitney Houston & Kevin Costner ? Well there's a scene where Costner's character is watching an old school samurai flick, don't know which one though. HELP

Haven’t seen it, but I checked out IMDB just to see, and apparently it was Yojimbo. Makes sense, since Yojimbo means ‘bodyguard’.